Polaris Operations
Polaris Operations

          Operational Medical Training

Our core courses are ;

IHCD FPOS-I  & Level 3 and 4 First Response Emergency Care (QCF)


We offer combined duration courses and uniquely we also manage clinical and ambulance placements as required for qualification award- dont be misled about the requirement for these placements.


Courses Cover  Scene Safety, Airway Management, Oxygen Therapy, Spinal Immobilisation, Defibrillation, Trauma and Medical Emergencies, Cannulation, Fluid Therapy, Advanced Trauma – Chest, Abdominal, Head and Extremity (including Tourniquets and Quick Clot),  Protection Operations Medical Support, Safety, scene assessment, risk assessment, Situation awareness in the hostile/remote environment, Anatomy & Physiology, Tactical Skills Element (D13 Enhanced) Vehicle extraction techniques ,HLS Marking,  Communications, Adult Life Support & AED, Environmental emergencies, Ballistic and Blast Injuries
Introduction to multiple casualty management and triage
Remote Road traffic collision
Medical kits ,Medications – legal issues, Management of ballistic trauma, Intravenous access , FAST 1, Emergency care in the hostile environment, Tactical CASEVAC / Public Disorder


Our trainers and assesors are drawn from genuine specialist medical teams . We are unique in that we deliver to Home Office Police Forces as well 5 international military and Police units internationally in 2015/16 to date.


We are currently undergoing SIA ACS and ISO accreditations in line with best practice

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